2020 Legislation


Align Emergency Medical Service Provider Status

Concerning the addition of references to licensed emergency medical service providers in the emergency medical service providers’ peer health assistance program statute to align the statute with legislation enacted in 2019 that authorized certified emergency medical service providers to seek licensure.

Augmentation Of Instream Flows

Concerning the Colorado water conservation board’s authority to augment stream flows with acquired water rights that have been previously decreed for augmentation use.
Signed by Governor Polis

Repeal Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Youth Services Statutes

Concerning certain conforming amendments necessitated by the transfer of certain programs to the department of human services from the department of public health and environment pursuant to House Bill 13-1117.
Signed by Governor Polis

Study Emerging Technologies For Water Management

Concerning a requirement that the university of Colorado study potential uses of emerging technologies to more effectively manage Colorado’s water supply, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation, conditioned on the receipt of matching funds from gifts, grants, and donations.
Postponed Indefinitely due to COVID-19

Parks And Wildlife Law Enforcement Statutes Cleanup

Concerning the enforcement of laws administered by the division of parks and wildlife, and, in connection therewith, modifying parks and wildlife statutes to correct vague and contradictory provisions of law and remove obsolete provisions of law.
Signed by Governor Polis

Repeal Fee Cap On-site Wastewater Treatment System

Concerning a repeal of the dollar limitation on the fee that a local board of health may set for on-site wastewater treatment system permits.
Signed by Governor Polis

Local Governments Water Elements In Master Plans

Concerning the authority of a local government’s master plan to include policies to implement state water plan goals as a condition of development approvals.
Signed by Governor Polis

Connected Municipal Use No Change If Already Quantified

Concerning the ability to use water that has been adjudicated for municipal use in an interconnected treated municipal water supply system if the historical consumptive use of the water right has already been quantified in a previous change of the water right.
Postponed Indefinitely by Representative Arndt

Amendments Due To Automatic Repeal of Tax Credit

Concerning necessary statutory amendments due to the automatic repeal of an enterprise zone act income tax credit for new business facility employees.
Signed by Governor Polis

Move Alternative Fuel Definition

Concerning the relocation of the definition of “alternative fuel” from a part of the statutes in which the definition is no longer referenced to a part of the statutes in which the definition is referenced.
Signed by Governor Polis

No Abandonment Of Water Rights For Efficiencies

Concerning protecting the water rights of persons who implement efficiencies that reduce their water usage.
Postponed Indefinitely by Representative Arndt
 Rep. J. Arndt

Enterprise Zone Statute Fixes Of Defects

Concerning modifications to the enterprise zone statutes in order to address certain defects and anachronisms.
06/02/2020 | Awaiting Final Passage in Senate

Nonprofit Transit Authority Agency Fuel Tax

Concerning the repeal of the fuel tax exemption for nonprofit transit agencies.
Signed by Governor Polis

Residents Of Bordering States Sales Tax Exemption

Concerning the repeal of the sales tax exemption for sales to residents of bordering states without retail sales taxes.
Signed by Governor Polis

Nonsubstantive Emails and Open Meetings Law

Concerning a clarification under the Colorado Open Meetings law of the requirements governing communication by electronic mail that do not relate to the substance of public business.
05/28/2020 | Laid Over Indefinitely
Concerning the transfer of money from the severance tax operational fund to the agriculture value-added cash fund to be used to promote agricultural energy-related projects.
LAST ACTION: Postponed Indefinitely by Representative Arndt
Concerning the augmentation of the general fund through transfers of certain money.
LAST ACTION: 06/01/2020 | Introduced in House – Assigned to Finance and Appropriations Committee
SPONSORS: Rep. J. Arndt

Require Public Input On Water Demand Management Program

Concerning the inclusion of public input in the development of a state water resources demand management program.
01/30/2020 | Senate Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely by Representative Arndt

Statutory Revision Committee Annual Report

Concerning a change in the date by which the statutory revision committee is required to report annually to the general assembly.
Signed by Governor Polis

Clarify Double Electrical Inspection Fees If Late

Concerning a clarification that electrical inspection fees may be doubled if an application for an electrical permit is not filed in advance of the commencement of an electrical installation.
05/28/2020 | Laid Over Indefinitely

Incentivize Development Recycling End Markets

Concerning the expansion of market mechanisms for the further development of recycling.
05/28/2020 | Laid Over Indefinitely

Repeal The Death Penalty

Concerning the repeal of the death penalty by the general assembly in all circumstances charged on or after July 1, 2020.
Signed by Governor Polis

Generation AndTransmission Cooperative Easement Broadband

Concerning the provision of rural broadband using an electric utility easement held by an electric cooperative, and, in connection therewith, authorizing the provision of rural broadband using an electric utility easement held by an electric generation and transmission cooperative association.
Postponed Indefinitely by Representative Arndt

Estimate Of Non-fee Sources Of Cash Fund Revenue

Concerning the repeal of certain language used to determine cash fund revenue that is derived from non-fee sources when calculating the amount of uncommitted reserves in a cash fund at the end of a fiscal year.
Signed by Governor Polis

Statutory Revision Commitee Omnibus Bill

Concerning an omnibus bill containing recommendations of the statutory revision committee related to the committee’s statutory charge.

Adopt Renewable Natural Gas Standard

Concerning an omnibus bill containing recommendations of the statutory revision committee related to the committee’s statutory charge.