2019 Legislation


Recreation Of The Colorado Water Institute

Concerning the recreation of the Colorado water institute.
02/20/2019 | Governor Signed

Republican River Water Conservation District

Concerning the Republican river water conservation district, and, in connection therewith, expanding the boundaries of the district and adjusting the meeting schedule of the district’s board of directors.
04/08/2019 | Sent to the Governor

Annual Stipends For Certified School Professionals

Concerning annual stipends for certain nationally certified school professionals.
02/28/2019 | Governor Signed

Remove Redundant Language In Educator Licensing

Concerning removing redundant language in the educator licensing statute regarding requirements for out-of-state applicants.
03/11/2019 | Governor Signed

Repeal Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment Preparation Operational Planning

Concerning the elimination of the requirement that the state board of health comply with certain statutory requirements concerning the preparation of operational planning functions as if the state board were the executive director of the department of public health and environment.
03/28/2019 | Governor Signed

Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment Cancer Drug Testing

Concerning the repeal of statutory provisions requiring the department of public health and environment to test substances that are purported to have value in the treatment of cancer.
03/11/2019 | Governor Signed

Mental Health Involuntary Transportation Holds

Concerning the authority to hold a person in a mental health crisis through the provisions of the the mental health involuntary transportation hold until the initial evaluation at the receiving facility is completed.
03/1/2019 | House Committee on Public Health & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely

Allow Farm Stands On Any Size Principal Use Site

Concerning the ability of a farm stand to be operated on a principal use site of any sized land area regardless of whether the site has been zoned by a local government for agricultural operations.
04/12/2019 | Governor Signed

Reclaimed Domestic Wastewater Point of Compliance

Concerning the point of compliance related to the treatment process involved in treating reclaimed domestic wastewater for indoor nonpotable uses within a building where the general public can access plumbing fixtures that are used to deliver the reclaimed domestic wastewater.
04/04/2019 | Governor Signed

Reimburse Expenses Restorative Justice Council

Concerning allowing reimbursement for expenses for members of the restorative justice coordinating council.
04/16/2019 | Senate Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended – Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole

Augmention Of Instream Flows

Concerning a clarification of the authority of the Colorado water conservation board to augment stream flows with acquired water rights that have been previously decreed for augmentation use.
03/25/2019 | Introduced in Senate – Assigned to Agriculture & Natural Resources
Rep. J. Arndt

Examination Applicant Barber And Cosmetologist Act

Concerning the substitution of foreign work experience for the required contact hours by an applicant for examination pursuant to the “Barber and Cosmetologist Act.”
04/16/2019 | Introduced In Senate – Assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology

Insurance Disclosures And Supervision

Concerning the substitution of foreign work experience for the required contact hours by an applicant for examination pursuant to the “Barber and Cosmetologist Act.”
04/16/2019 | Introduced in Senate – Assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology

Taxes Paid By Electronic Funds Transfers

Concerning the payment of taxes by electronic funds transfers.
03/11/2019 | Governor Signed

Local Government Recycling Standards For Food Containers

Concerning a local government’s authority to establish standards for the use of environmentally discardable food containers, and, in connection therewith, authorizing a local government to establish standards for the use of ready-to-eat food containers that may be discarded through recycling or composting.
04/09/2019 | Senate Committee on Local Government Postpone Idefinitely

National Popular Vote

Concerning adoption of an agreement among the states to elect the president of the United States by national popular vote.
03/15/2019 | Governor Signed

Appraisal Management Company Definition

Concerning an amendment to the definition of “appraisal management company” to align with the definition in federal law.
03/25/2019 | Governor Signed

Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Testing And Certification

Concerning standards for the certification of certain types of respirators equipped with pressure vessels
04/16/2019 | Introduced in House – Assigned to Health & Insurance

Rural Development Grant Program Creation

Concerning the creation of the rural development grant program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
02/12/2019 | Senate Committee on Finance Refer Amended to Appropriations

Department Of Natural Resources Language Update

Concerning an update to statutory language authorizing the department of natural resources to receive donations to be credited to the Colorado natural resources foundation fund.
03/07/2019 | Governor Signed

Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment Emergency Epidemic Prepardness

Concerning eliminating the authority of the state board of health to adopt rules establishing standards to ensure that certain entities are prepared for an emergency epidemic.
03/07/2019 | Governor Signed

Exempt Certain Businesses From Destination Sourcing Rule

Concerning an exemption for certain businesses from the destination sourcing rule for sales tax collection requirements.
02/19/2019 | Senate Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely

Sunset Public Safety Communications Subcommittee

Concerning the continuation of the public safety communications subcommittee, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations contained in the 2018 sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies.
04/12/2019 | Governor Signed

Project Management Competencies For Certain Contracts

Concerning project management competencies for certain state contracts.
04/16/2019 | Introduced In House – Assigned to Business Affairs & Labor

Repeal The Death Penalty

Concerning the repeal of the death penalty by the general assembly
05/04/2019 | Senate Second Reading Laid Over to 05/04/2019 – No Amendments

Authority Colorado Water Institute Study Blockchain Technology

Concerning a grant of authority to the Colorado water institute to study potential uses of blockchain technology.
03/21/2019 | Senate Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely

Expand Agricultural Chemical Management Program Protect Surface Water

Concerning the expansion of agricultural chemical management plans to protect surface water.
04/16/2019 | Senate Committee on Finance Refer Amended to Appropriations

Public School Local Accountability Systems

Concerning implementation of supplemental accountability systems by local education providers for measuring public school performance, and, in connection therewith, creating the local accountability system grant program.
04/11/2019 | Senate Committee on Education Refer Amended to Appropriations

Hemp Regulation Alignment With 2018 Federal Farm Bill

Concerning updates to the industrial hemp regulatory program administered by the commissioner of agriculture to align the program with the regulatory requirements set forth in the federal “Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018”.
04/15/2019 | Introduced In House

Educator Performance Evaluation System Requirements

Concerning changes in the existing requirements that pertain to licensed personnel performance evaluation systems in the public schools, and, in connection therewith, creating a working group to make recommendations concerning the implementation of licensed personnel performance evaluation systems.
04/16/2019 | Introduced In Senate – Assigned to Education