2016 Legislation

HB 16-1004  Measurable Goals Deadline CO Climate Action Plan  Failed in Senate Ag. Committee

HB16-1025  Renewal Property Casualty Insurance    Signed into law March 16th, 2016

HB16-1042  Liquor License Exemption Higher Ed Brewing Program  Signed into law March 18, 2016

HB16-1121  Performance Evaluation Natl Board Certified Teacher   Failed in Ed Committee

HB16-1139  Allow Electric Committee Participation During Interm   Failed in Senate

HB16-1226  Agricultural Innovation Grants Sent to Appropriations Committee

HB16-1228 Agriculture Protection Water Right Transfer Mechanism Signed into law May 18th

HB16-1273  CDOT Parking Facilities Failed in the Senate

SB 16-127  Repeal Medical Clean Claims Task Force Signed into law April 5, 2016

HB16-1375 Due Dates For Reports Involving Department Of Higher Education Signed into law June 6, 2016

HB16-1313 Authority Local Government Master Plans Include Water Plan Goals Failed in the Senate

HB16-1392 Water Banks Administration 4/11/16 Postponed Indefinitely in House Agriculture Committee  This bill will be worked on during the interim and in Water Resources Review Committee